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Cllr Joseph Waters

Born and raised in the South West of Lincolnshire, my family and I made a move here, to the South West of England in mid 2018. We immediately felt at home in the community, as we began to build our farm, in the ‘outer parish’ area, just 1 mile from the village.

I cannot profess to have many years of experience in any particular field, having only started building my life in the agricultural community since moving here. I do however have a passion for local governance and community organisations, which has resulted in my volunteering for various community roles during the last few years.

I applied to become a Parish Councillor in 2022 and have had the privilege of joining an existing committed and dedicated team. The vital role that the parish council plays, as the parish moves forwards; in innovating for the future, preserving our history, and providing services for residents, allows me the opportunity to best serve the people of this parish.

I will always provide a friendly face and take time to talk to residents about issues affecting the parish and will follow up on any concerns.

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