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Road Warden Services

The Parish Council have been members of Devon County Councils Road Warden Scheme since 2020. Historically, all parishes employed a full-time lengthsmen to maintain local roads.

Devon County Council Parish Council Road Warden Service

The Parish Council contracts a local Road Warden 2 days a month as part of the Devon County Council Road Warden scheme . The aim of the role is to keep gullys, drains and buddle holes clear of debris, ensure salt bins are checked and filled ahead of winter, working with the volunteer snow warden and roadside remove weeds manually to prevent the use of pesticides.

With the impact of climate change and more frequent flash flooding, regular local drain maintenance is required all year round.  Every December after the autumn leaf fall, the PC contact a commercial company to professionally clean all the drains, gullys and Leets and sweep the roads.  Every effort is made to undertake this work after the seasonal hedge cutting.

We do also ask if our residents can help support the constant challenge of flash downpours by ensuring that there boundaries are free of weeds and overhanding branches, which then enables water to flow directly to the drains and UV light to reach the road to prevent a build up of moss.


Brookings Hire Road Sweeper

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