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Public Rights of Way

Slapton Parish has seven Public Rights Of Way (PROW) footpaths, totalling 3.90 Miles and one Bridleway totalling 0.94 Miles. All are open to the public to enjoy at any time of the year.

The Parish Council works together with local land owners, Field Studies Council (FSC) and Devon County Council to maintain the Public Rights of Way infra-structure for the enjoyment of parishioners and visitors and to ensure the hamlets of the parish remain connected, via walking routes, to the village.

The maintenance of the surface of the footpaths and bridleway is the legal responsibility of Devon County Council. However, the Parish Council’s Road Warden supports Devon County Council with this work.

In October 2020, the Parish Council became a member of the DCC PROW partnership scheme and now receives a small annual maintenance grant for strimming footpaths to keep them accessible.

Since October 2020, the Parish Council has also been awarded additional grants and materials for: replacement of old styles with accessible metal gates (or new styles where gates are not possible); repair or replacement of broken and missing finger posts and way markers; and improvement of footpath surfaces. Indeed, significant work was undertaken to improve the surface of Path 11.

You can view the foothpath routes on the map attached at the bottom if this page. Parking is possible near to the start of some of the footpaths but please do check that you are not blocking any gates, passing places or driveways.

Please follow the countryside code.

  • Keep your dog(s) under control at all times. Dogs MUST remain on leads when walking across FSC and farm land to protect bio-diversity and livestock.
  • Pick up, bag and take home your dog’s waste and any litter as this is a hazard to other livestock and wildlife.

If you find any damage or obstacles when walking along one of our Parish footpaths, please report this to the SPC’s Clerk so that this can be rectified. If you can send photos and give exact locations, that would be very helpful.


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