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Waste and Recycling

Sands Road and Bottle Bank Update ews Article Title Here

This weekend, the HM Prison Service Community Payback Scheme team attended the village to tidy up the planting area on Sands Road and remove the rotten bottle bank fencing. This has created much needed additional car parking at the park and walk.

Published: 12 March 2023

Sands Road Slapton - Park and Walk area

The fencing and plastic boxes will be collected by SHDC sometime this week so there is no need to report this.

Cllr Foss has approved the work as the bottle bank is no longer required now the SHDC doorstep recycling collections are in place, the fencing was causing a highways visibility risk when reversing on the park and walk, it was creating unnecessary fly-tipping collection costs for SHDC and it will help with visitor parking and the posts and panels needed replacing and so its removal has saved maintenance costs on the precept.


Next week the Community Service Payback team will be returning to lay a top surface of donated Torcross road scalpings over the area (left over from when the park and walk was resurfaced 2 years ago), upcycle the good bottle bank posts to replace the missing no overnight parking signs and to continue work on the Brandis Park verges.

Please do welcome Giles and his team if you are passing as it is really appreciated and they are doing a great job in our parish.

Image of cut back dogwood plant in sands road slapton

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