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Quad Bike Theft – Beware

We have been advised by our Neighbourhood Police Team that there was a recent theft of a Quad Bike in the Parish of Strete.

Published: 10 November 2023

a four - wheeler is parked in the grass near a tree

A Quad Bike was stolen from a workshop at Lower Fuge Farm and later found on nearby land. There have been several other Quad Bike thefts in South Hams in recent months. Farmers and the public are encouraged to report anyone acting suspiciously on farms and surrounding land as thieves often reconnaissance an area before hand, can be quite brazen and have been known to use drones to do so too. The Neighbourhood Police Team has also recommended that owners check Quad Bikes and other equipment is well secured/padlocked etc. If you would like to report a theft (after it has happened) contact or call Dartmouth Police Station on 01803 218832. Please also call Dartmouth Police Station to report anyone acting suspiciously.

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