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New support for farmers in South Hams

A new programme has been launched to support farm businesses in South Hams to improve their productivity through regenerative farming methods.

Published: 9 September 2023

The Agri-innovation programme aims to help farm businesses to maximise their potential through regenerative and innovative practices which promote healthy soil and reduce carbon emissions.

Support will be provided to 20 farms in the South Hams and another 20 in West Devon.

The scheme is seeking farmers who are open to and enthusiastic about embracing new ideas, methods, equipment, and processes.

They will be supported to identify their farm’s unique potential and viable opportunities, and undertake whatever actions are needed to develop and deliver an Innovation Plan.

A key aspect of the scheme includes up to 30 hours of one-to-one bespoke support for each farm.

Farmers participating in the programme can also access specialist support worth up to £2,000 to help them implement their innovation business plan.

To learn more, please click here: Agri Innovation | West Devon & South Hams | Apply Now (


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