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Anthony Mangnall MP visits Slapton and Beesands to discuss future of the line

Five years on from the Slapton Line being breached by Storm Emma causing challenges for residents and businesses alike, Anthony Mangnall MP is "redoubling his efforts to find a solution" to this ongoing issue.

Published: 24 February 2023

Ariel image of the A379 Road - sea on one side and a fresh water lake on the other side of the road

The A379 Slapton line, which residents have been told will not be reinstated if it fails again, is an essential connection between communities on both sides of the bay.

A spokesperson for Anthony Mangnall said: “Whilst time and tide cannot be stopped, work can be done to extend the life of this important road by allowing for alternative provisions to be put in place and for necessary studies on impact to take place.”

Last week, Mr Mangnall met with Devon County Councillors and Slapton Parish Councillors at Slapton Sands to discuss what might be done to prevent the road from being breached again in the near future. The visit then moved on to Beesands, where a new style of rock armour is being trialled and is “working well to date”.

The spokesperson continued: “All those at the meeting agreed that there are two main areas where further intervention needs to take place and that, if approved, this rock armour could be a good solution.

“The first steps are to update the Shoreline Management Plan so the reference is not just to ‘managed decline’, then to secure the funding required to implement this rock armour.

“As support needs to be gained from key stakeholders, Mr Mangnall was pleased to host an extremely positive meeting with South Hams District Council on Wednesday, 22 February.”

To add further to the campaign, Mr Mangnall took the opportunity to raise the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 22 February, when Rishi Sunak MP confirmed that he would “support Anthony in securing the ministerial meetings he needs to find a solution”.

Friday sees the meeting of the Slapton Line Partnership after a year-long break, giving local people, councillors and relevant organisations the chance to come together to discuss the issue. Mr Mangnall “hopes this meeting will see all parties agree on a management strategy for this area” and will allow him to “approach Government with a set of asks”.

Speaking after PMQ’s, Anthony Mangnall MP said: “The Slapton Line is a vital link for many. We must ensure that we fully understand the potential economic, personal, cultural and historical impacts of losing this important road, and that we do everything in our power to keep it in place for as long as possible.

“I will continue to work with all key stakeholders to ensure a solution is found as soon as possible and that the correct infrastructure is built for when we can no longer hold back the tide.”

Editorial copyright: Southhams today 23/2/23 


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