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The main road through Stoke Fleming is expected to be closed from 2nd January to 28th March 2024 while a wall in the centre of the village is rebuilt. To minimise disruption in and around the Stoke Flemming, their Parish Council recommends that the following routes:

Published: 28 December 2023

a road sign with orange cones
  1. All heavy vehicles should follow the official diversion Townstal – Totnes Cross – Kingsbridge – Torcross and not attempt local ones.
  2. Traffic travelling south along Start Bay should go into Stoke Fleming as usual, turn right at Ravensbourne Lane by the Village Hall then left into Cinders Lane and right down the main street to the post office and out of the village to Blackpool Sands and on to Strete. However, vehicles with longer wheelbases should avoid that route and instead travel via the A3122 from the top of Dartmouth Hill to Oldstone Cross and from there turn left and rejoin the A379 at Strete.
  3. Through traffic travelling north along Start Bay should turn left at Strete and go to Dartmouth and beyond on the A3122.
  4. Vehicles, which get as far as Blackpool Sands on the A379 should NOT carry on into Stoke Fleming, but turn up Blackpool Valley and then right to Venn Cross, from where they can either to left up Venn Lane to the A3122 and into Dartmouth that way or right on Venn Lane to reach the northern half of the village and the Village Hall. As far as possible, the lane at the top of Blackpool Valley should be one-way from Embridge Cross to Venn Cross. Traffic that takes the Blackpool Valley – Venn Cross route should NOT return the same way but return to Blackpool Sands via Ravensbourne Lane and Cinders Lane as described in 2 above.
  5. Within the village, Old Road will be one-way from the A379 to School Road, Church Road and Rectory Lane. Traffic can also exit the village by School Hill, which should be one-way and NOT used to enter the village.


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