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Agenda – 12th October 2022

The following Councillors are summoned to attendJ Hinder (Chair), Cllr J Abbey, Cllr Gavin Wollacott.
CSG Volunteers and members of the public are invited to attend.

  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Councillors are invited to declare any disclosable interest they may have in any items to be considered. They are also reminded to consider whether in the light of recent activities any items within their Register of Interests should be updated.
  4. MINUTES OF THE COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP MEETING to be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record. This is the first meeting – none to sign.
    a). CSG standing orders and terms of referencePotential community projects:
    b).Village History project.
    c).Platinum Jubilee: Community event and Queens Jubilee Path on PROW path 11
    d).Neighbourhood plan.
    e) A379 – Community Consultations.
    f).Community Broad Band Scheme.
    g).Climate change: Queens ‘Green Canopy’ and community Tree Planting, wild-flower verges, Community farming, Allotments, Community Composting, Nesting boxes, Community water-well reinstatement on Brook Street.
    h).Devon County Council Community Energy Fund / EV charge points.
    i). Car Parking
    j).Slapton All Stars.
    k).Willow bird feeder making community workshop.
    l).Harnessing community ideas.
    m).Prioritisation of projects.
    n).Project teams.
    o).2022 precept and S137 grants process.
    q).Meeting frequency / covid safety and resources available.
    r).Next steps

Next Community Support Group Committee meeting – To be agreed.
(Members of the public wishing to attend must contact the clerk to book a space as seats are limited due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions).

Signed: Louise Soothill-Ward, Clerk 5/10/21

Minutes – 12th October 2022

Present: Cllr J Hinder (Chair), Cllr Wollacott (Vice Chair), Cllr Abbey.
CSG Volunteers: Michael Crowson, Vivienne Dyer, James Curtis.

In attendance
: Clerk

1-21. Apologies for absence – Ben Leach, CSG Volunteer.

2-21. Declarations of interest – None

3-21. Public comment – None

4.21. MINUTES OF THE COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP COMMITTEE MEETING to be signed by the Chair as a true and correct record. First meeting – none to sign.

5.21. Introductions: The members of the CSG introduced themselves and shared key areas of interest and experience.

6.21 Review of action log – To draft following agreed meeting actions.

7.21 Matters in abeyance – None.

8.21 Matters for discussion

1) CSG Committee terms of reference – The Chair provided an over-view of the CSG’s purpose being: to formulate and write costed and risk assessed project plans and proposals within the terms of reference of the CSG for referral back to the PC for consideration, approval and budget allocation and to assist in delivery of the plans once approved, working with Cllrs and in the parish community.

2) Potential community projects:

a). Platinum Jubilee: Community event and Queens Jubilee Path on PROW path 11:

  • Queens Platinum Jubilee – PROW path 1: Update on current state of path and the P3 scheme. Discussed the potential to improve accessibility and access for this path in partnership with DCC as a way to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee, incorporating a symbolic feature tba. Agreed it is important not to lose the essential character of the path, while ensuring accessibility.
  • Queens Platinum Jubilee – National Programme: Sunday 5th June – The Big Jubilee Lunch will be an opportunity for the community to come together. Potential venues for all weathers, equipment, facilities and insurance requirements were discussed and the Village Hall was felt to be the most appropriate venue to meet these needs. JC & VMD to lead and prepare an outline plan/draft budget for CSG/PC consideration approval.

b) Neighbourhood plan. (NP)
The benefits of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Slapton Parish were outlined and the clerk advised the 4th year of available grant funding was due to close on 22nd March. It was agreed that the matter was now pressing to secure the grant and that a NP was needed to protect the village from overdevelopment and also bring in new SHDC CIL funding from new developments and that many of the below agenda items would be incorporated into the NP parish-wide consultations. Cllr Wollacott agreed to lead the NP from a PC perspective and the CSG volunteers all agreed to support the PC with developing the NP. VMD and the Clerk to investigate the process to start the plan and update next meeting.

c). A379 – Community Consultations. It was unanimously agreed that the parish needed to be proactive in engaging a ‘community voice’ and feeding this back to the Slapton Line Partnership and other Official agencies and stakeholders was essential so that village was involved in the adaptation plan solution (short and long term). The need to work with other parish stakeholders to develop a ‘short-term’ plan was discussed to ensure that the process is managed, along with putting in place a 2-year temporary plan of local solutions to support the parish if the road is compromised in the immediate future and whilst the wider adaptation plan is being developed. It was noted that there is no farming/agricultural community voice represented on the SLP. MC agreed to consult with the NFU and lead an agricultural study and impact of the road closing on this sector to be submitted to Anthony Mangnall by the PC. MC to report back next meeting.

d). Community Broad Band Scheme. – include within scope of NP.
e). Village History project.
VMD advised that 2 village history books are in progress. As part of PC’s remit and legal powers to promote tourism, it was agreed to investigate more information signage / walking map around the village highlighting key historic locations. The Clerk advised a S137 community grant could be applied for from the PC to support costs. The need to preserve copies of current historical information in the village for a village archive was highlighted, such as copies of the historical photos in the Queens Arms Pub. GW to discuss the option of photographing the photos in the Queens Arms with the proprietor and report back next meeting. JC to explore feasibility of volunteer-guided walking tours around the village and contact the walking company Walkwyse, who have installed the QR Codes on the coastal path to see if these can be extended around the village with local history. JC and VMD to lead/ report back next meeting.

f). Climate change: Queens ‘Green Canopy’ and community Tree Planting, wild-flower verges, Community farming, Allotments, Community Composting, Nesting boxes, Community water-well reinstatement on Brook Street. JC & GW to lead and explore how to set up a community compost scheme and allotments on the Village playing field. Report back next meeting.

g). Devon County Council Community Energy Fund / EV charge points. Within NP remit.
h). Car Parking – Within NP remit.
i).Slapton All Stars – CSG to continue supporting activities for children within the parish – JH to lead
Willow bird feeder making community workshop. The clerk advised a grant could not be given to a single commercial provider for community activities under S137, only a local charity or working parish group. It was agreed to incorporate this activity within a community biodiversity and climate change event and keep it more low-key, led by CSG. JH to lead.
Harnessing community ideas. – Within NP formal parish consultations remit.
l).Prioritisation of projects for the CSG committee – It was agreed that priority projects will be the Platinum Jubilee and the Neighbourhood Plan.
m).Project teams– Lead CSG members identified as above.
n). 2022 precept and S137 grants process –Queens Platinum Jubilee costings to be submitted to the PC for consideration at the Nov/Dec PC budget meeting for consideration in the 2022/23 budget process.
o.)Reporting – Share progress at next CSG meeting within Cllr/Volunteer updates.
p). Meeting frequency / covid safety and resources available. It was agreed to meet monthly in the first instance and review frequency again after a first quarter of meetings.
q). Next steps:

  • It was agreed that the first priority projects would be the Platinum Jubilee event and developing the Neighbourhood Plan- to be progressed as above.
    CSG volunteers agreed to publicise the CSG projects and to try and recruit other volunteers who may be interested in contributing time and skills to the future sustainability of the village. The need to have a flyer to engage parishioners and to publicise this recruitment drive was highlighted. Discuss at next meeting.

9.21 Proposals to take to the Parish Council for resolution
a). Establish estimated budgets for the Queens Platinum Jubilee project – to be submitted to the PC for discussion at the December PC meeting.

10.21 Clerks Report – None.
11.21 Chairs Report – None.
12.21 Councillor and Volunteer Report – None.
13.21 Financial and other matters for discussion with the Parish Council. None.
14.21. Date of next Community Support Group Committee meeting, Tuesday 16thth November 7pm.

Members of the public wishing to attend must contact the clerk to book a space as seats are limited due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions).

SIGNED: Julie Hinder, Chair

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