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Members Code of Conduct

Slapton Parish Council has signed the National Association of Local Council's (NALC's) Civility and Respect Pledge and adopted South Hams District Council’s Code of Conduct. Members are also expected to uphold the Nolan Principles of Public Office.

By signing the Civility and Respect Pledge, Slapton Parish Council has committed to treating all Councillors, employees, volunteers, suppliers, representatives of partner organisations and members of the public with civility and respect.

All members of the Parish Council have agreed to follow South Hams District Council’s Code of Conduct: SouthHams Councils Code of Conduct for all Members and Clerks.

There is also an expectation that all members will uphold the Nolan Principles of Public Office and follow the ‘Being a Good Councillor’ and ‘Being a Good Employer’ guides too.

Bullying and Harassment will not be tolerated and any behaviour by members that falls below the expected standards will be reported immediately to the Monitoring Officer at Devon County Council.




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