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‘Have-A-Go’ Dog Agility

Volunteers needed to keep the 'Have-A-Go' Dog Agility classes going! They provide great fun and socialisation for you and your best friend.

white and brown short coated dog on yellow and blue metal bar

Lou and Zia are moving so they will no longer be able to run the informal and fun parishioners’ dog agility classes, which are held from April to the end September. They won’t be available to organise the occasional local pack walks during winter either.

We are very grateful for all the joy they have brought to parishioners and their pets over the past few years and they will be sorely missed.

However, the Parish Council and Community Support Group are keen to keep the classes and pack walks going as they provide a fun way for people to come together and great exercise for the dogs. As such, we are looking for an individual or small group of people to take over the organisation. Many of those who attend have already pledged funds towards the equipment and grants may also be available to cover any shortfall.

Anyone volunteering to organise the classes and pack walks will get to meet some gorgeous dogs and their lovely humans too – they will also be providing a much needed and highly regarded service, which enhances the physical and mental well-being of all those that take part.  If you are interested, please contact Bella Moor (SPC’s Clerk) on 01548 312090 or

The classes usually take place at the Slapton Village Recreation Field on occasional Sundays (weather permitting) between 10.00am – 11.15am. Those joining the classes are encouraged to arrive at 10.00am for 15 minutes of doggy sniffs and hello time to settle the group. The events are FREE to take part in and the course changes each time to keep things interesting.


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